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Angelina Manolakis born and raised in Atlanta GA

Our services include and are not limited to.......

* Home Organization Services

* Empty Nesters 

* Closet Decluttering and Organizing

* Divorce De-cluttering

* Garage Decluttering and Organizing

* Playroom Solutions

* Nursery set-up

* Kitchen, foyer, and even the bathrooms

* Home Office organizing 

* Remodeling Preparations

* Move in/ Move out

* Staging home for sale/ De-cluttering  (Peek in on my blog)

* Donation of your un-wanted clutter to local charities and organizations.


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Looking to get organized I see! Congratulations on taking your first step to living an organized and clutter free life with your very own Professional Organizer! I have a natural gift of organizing that I love to use in order to help others in so many different ways. I have helped people through many of life’s transitions such as a divorce, moving out and into a new home, a death in the family, children moving off to start their lives, and the busy moms working full time, running kids to extra-curricular activities and the list doesn’t stop there. It's perfectly fine to need or want a helping hand, and I am here to help you, your home, or your business get organized. Dis-organization affects many parts of our lives and can wreak havoc before you know it. Facing more demands each day as parents, friends, employees, and employers we have less free time to manage our homes and lives. Let me help transform all of the areas in your home that cause you that overwhelming and anxious feeling into something you and the entire family can enjoy! These parts of your home include the garage, cabinets, playroom, home office, entry way, pantry, attic, bedroom, dresser drawers, and that is only the half of it.

CALL 404-431-2273 to set up your FREE Consultation!

Why should you hire a Professional Organizer? I will help you achieve your goals and I will provide you with the motivation and encouragement you need to achieve the organized way of life. I will give you the support and guidance needed to make tough decisions on what to keep and what to let go of. I will come up with ideas that work for you and your family so that we can create something organized and beautiful that works for everyone. I will even help you save money because organized can save you time, and time is money. Ask yourself a few of these questions and if you answer yes then you just may need a helping hand. Does your child's bedroom or closet look like a tornado just ripped through it? Do you have closets that you are afraid to open because you are scared of what may come tumbling out? Do you mis-place bills or important documents that cause you to be late on payments? Are you selling your house or moving in the future? You may need help with organizing your closets, pantry, garage, or kitchen cabinets so that it may be more appealing to buyers. Buyers buy space in real estate, so you want to make sure they see your space and not your mess. Buyers love to snoop which means they are going to open your closets and cabinets. You can get a head start on packing all those precious treasures you have collected over the years so that your home appears tidy to potential buyers. Are you a small business owner that needs a filing system in place to help with the piles of paperwork building up on your desk? With more and more demands each day we find ourselves with less free time to do the things we love. I can create personalized solutions that suit your needs to reduce the chaos and clutter around you to help you get organized and stay organized! 

Packages start at $140 which consists of 4 hours (Minimum).

Areas serviced are Alpharetta, Buford, Sugar Hill, Cumming, Roswell, Atlanta, Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Canton,  Woodstock, and other surrounding cities in Georgia.